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Anyone can develop an eye disease, and there are plenty of other conditions that can affect your eyes and your vision that need to be monitored regularly. Additionally, it is imperative that you see an eye doctor soon as you can if you begin to experience any symptoms that bother your eyes or interfere with your eyesight. Here at Armesto Eye Associates, our Harrisburg eye doctor would be more than happy to provide you with a cover heads of exam that will look at your symptoms and begin to uncover what may be causing them.

Annual eye exams are more important than many people realize. Underlying diseases and causes for them can easily be identified during such exams. But it is also imperative that you see an eye doctor if you begin to experience any issues that affect your eyes or your eyesight. Physical symptoms such as redness, irritation, and itchiness can all point to issues like eye infections or even corneal abrasion’s that can cause serious damage to your eyes, especially if they go untreated. Other eye related emergencies such a sudden vision loss, blurry vision, floaters, and other problems with your eyesight can indicate serious injuries such as retinal detachment or tears which can lead to vision damage or complete vision loss. It’s important that you pay attention to the weight of your eyes feel every day and that you take some changes in your eyesight seriously. The sooner you see our Harrisburg eye doctor here at Armesto Eye Associates, the better.

Eye related symptoms can also be the first signs of an eye disease, and infection, and injury, or even a chronic condition that can benefit from regular treatment and care. Taking care of your eyes is important, especially since it involves your eye health, your eyesight, and other aspects of your health as well. If you need to visit our Harrisburg eye doctor for any reason, please call us here at Armesto Eye Associates to learn more about our services and to book your next visit.

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